Can’t find a church in your area?


Watch, listen or “attend” a service online.

Check Out an Atlanta-Area Location

Your Move is a selection of broadcast resources originating from North Point Ministries. North Point Ministries has eight campus church locations in the Atlanta, GA area.


Find a Partner Church

Partner churches are a group of over thirty churches that are built upon the same vision, mission and strategy as the Atlanta-area churches. Find a location close to you at

Explore Local Church Options

Ready to give the churches in your area a try? Choosing a church is a personal decision. Below are some questions to help you decide if you’ve found a good fit for you.

    • Are you encouraged to grow in your own personal relationship with Jesus?
    • Is there an organized system in place that allows you to connect with a smaller group of people and grow with them spiritually?
    • Are you able to learn from the Bible in a practical way? The Bible is the foundational document for the Christian faith, and it needs to be taught in a way that makes sense for use in daily life.
    • Do you feel welcome? This applies to every interaction, from how you are greeted to what you hear from the pastor.
    • Are you comfortable being yourself, just as you are?